Faculty of Economics and Management


Igor Aleksandrovich Baev

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor



Students get profound knowledge of Economics, Management, securities market, banking, economic management of a firm, financial management, economy of public sector, taxation. The faculty has contacts with entrepreneurs and organizations of the region, organizes industrial practice for students, assists in studets' employment. We guarantee our students elite education and a successful career.
Fields of Study


  • 38.05.01 – «Economic Security». Programme: «Economic and Legal Norms Providing Economic Security», «The Activities of Financial Institutions for Banking of Government Authorities Providing Security of Russian Federation», «Financial Accounting and Control in Law Enforcement».
  • 38.05.02 – «Customs».


  • 38.03.01 – «Economics». Programmes: «Finance and Credit», «Economy of Industrial Complex», «International Standards on Auditing and Financil Reporting», «World Economy», «Regional and Municipal Economy», «Accounting, Analysys and Audit», «Economy of Enterprises and Organizations (Construction)», «Taxes and Taxing», «Pricing and Budgeting in Constrution», «Economy of Enterprizes and Organizations», «Project Finance, Banks and Business».
  • 38.03.02 – «Management». Programmes: «Financial Management», «Innovation Management», «Management of Marketing and Sales», «Human Recource Management», «Conctruction Management», «Investment Management», «Logistics and Resource Management in Construction», «Project Management».
  • 38.03.04 – «State and Municipal Management». Programmes: «Municipal Management», «Customs Mnagement», «Management of Government Programmes and Projects».
  • 09.03.03 – «Applied Informatics». Programme: «Applied Informatics in Economy».


  • 38.04.01 – «Economics»
  • 38.04.02 – «Management»
  • 38.04.08 – «Finnance and Credit»
  • 38.04.04 – «State and Municipal Management»
  • 09.04.03 – «Applied Informatics»

Research Areas

  • Informatics/ Computer (development of software and hardware complexes of data protection, finance, media and nonlineal hydromechanics).
  • Economics and finance (innovation management and investment activities, human capital management, industrial enterprise current asset management, logistics).
  • Economics, management and investment (construction operations management, development of technological models).
  • Economic theory, global and regional economy (construction operations management of monofunctional cities economic development, increase of dynamics of consumer markets).
  • Economics and project management. (project management and development of certain enterprises, conversion programme management and its problems, enterprises innovational development).

Contact Us

Dean's Office of Full-Time Department:

Address: 454080, Chelyabinsk, Lenin ave.76, room 225
Tel/fax: +7(351) 267-98-76, 267-90-26
E-mail: dekanat[at]eu.susu.ac[dot]ru
Website: eu.susu.ru

Dean's Office of the Correspondence Department:

Address: 454080, Chelyabinsk, Lenin ave. 76, room 512
Tel: +7 (351) 267-91-54
E-mail: dekanat[at]eu.susu.ac[dot]ru
Website: eu.susu.ru

Principal Researchers:

Dr . Boris Sukhovilov (Data protection)
e-mail: sukhovilovbm[at]susu.ac[dot]ru

Dr . Igor Baev (Innovation management)
e-mail: baevia[at]susu.ac[dot]ru

Dr . Valentina Antonyuk (world and regional economy)
e-mail: antoniukvs[at]susu.ac[dot]ru

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