Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Computer Science


Gleb Radchenko

Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor

E-mail: gleb.radchenko[at]susu[dot]ru

Web-site: http://glebradchenko.ru/

Tel: +7 (351) 267-99-35


The faculty of Computational Mathematics and Computer Science offers Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and Research Degree programmes in Information Technologies, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Founded in 2011, the faculty of Computational Mathematics and Computer Science is a center for research and IT education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Research teams work in distributed and cloud computing, data mining, large scale data processing, and parallel database systems development. There is also a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research. The faculty has close ties with Supercomputer Simulation Laboratory of SUSU on parallel computing algorithms, methods of data mining and virtualization, parallel database systems, and development of distributed and embedded systems. Both academic staff and students work successfully with researchers from industrial institutions. The main educational goal is to prepare highly qualified programmers, system administrators and analysts, project managers and researchers either for business or research institutions.

Fields of Study


  • 02.03.02 - Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technologies.
  • 01.03.02 - Applied Maths and Computer Science.
  • 09.03.02 - Information Systems and Technologies.


  • 02.04.02 – Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technologies. Programme: «Development of Highload Systems».
  • 01.04.02 – Applied Maths and Computer Science. Programme: «Mathematical and Information Support for Economic Activity».
  • 01.04.02 – Applied Maths and Computer Science. Programme: «Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems».

Research Areas

  • Methods and Algorithms for Parallel Query Processing in Cluster Systems and Grids. The project is devoted to the design and implementation of a parallel relational DBMS for cluster systems and grids named Omega. The Omega DBMS utilizes the idea of partitioned parallelism where a query is executed by parallel agents run on multiple processor nodes. Each agent processes its own data partition.

  • Parallel DBMS for Clusters on the Basis of PostgreSQL. The project is devoted to the implementation of parallel DBMS named PargreSQL based on PostgreSQL open-source DBMS. PargreSQL utilizes the idea of partitioned parallelism and implies modifications in source code of existing PostgreSQL's subsystems as well as the implementation of new subsystems to provide parallel processing.

  • Development of Private PaaS Platform on the Basis of Hybrid Distributed Computing System. The project is devoted to the development of private PaaS platform called "Mjolnirr". Any library or Java application can be implemented on the basis of the Mjolnirr platform as a service. From a developer perspective, an application on the basis of the Mjolnirr platform is a set of independent components, which communicate through a message passing interface.

  • Distributed Virtual Test Bed (DiVTB) provides a problem-oriented approach to access remote distributed supercomputer resources within the grid. DiVTB provides user interface to distributed computing resources, online launch of CAE simulation, automated search, monitoring and allocation of computing resources for carrying out the virtual experiments. The DiVTB Technology provides a solution for DiVTB development and deployment, as well as for CAE system integration into the distributed computing environment (based on the UNICORE grid middleware) and web access to CAE simulation processes.

Contact Us

Dean's Office:

Address: 454080, Chelyabinsk, Lenin ave., 87, room 479, building 3а
Tel: +7 (351) 267-90-94
E-mail: vmidek[at]susu.ac[dot]ru
Website: http://computer.susu.ac.ru/

Principal Researchers:

Prof. Dr. Leonid Sokolinsky (Parallel and distributed databases)
e-mail: sokolinskiilb[at]susu.ac[dot]ru

Dr. Gleb Radchenko (Grid-technology, cloud computing)
e-mail: radchenkogi[at]susu.ac[dot]ru

Dr. Mikhail Zymbler (Data mining)
e-mail: mzym[at]susu[dot]ru

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