Architecture and Construction Faculty


Dmitriy Vladimirovich Ulrikh

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: +7 (351) 267-91-71
E-mail: ac-dek[at]susu[dot]ru


Architecture and Construction Faculty prepares qualified specialists in the fields of construction, land and inventories, thermal power and heat engingeering. Graduates are in demand throughout the country. Students of all specialties acquire skills in using the latest computer graphics technologies. The laboratories of the departments are equipped with modern testing systems. Students are actively engaged in research. They publish research papers, participate in conferences, win regional, national and international competitions and contests. The departments collaborate with the leading universities and construction firms from the USA, China, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Hungary. 



Fields of Study


  • 08.03.01 - Construction. Programs: «Industrial and Civil Engineering», «Computer-Aided-Design of Buidings and Structures», «Urban Construction and Management», «Production of Buiding Materials, Products and Structures», «Water Supply and Sanitation», «Roads», «Expertize and Real Estate Management», «Maintanance of Housing and Communcal Services».
  • 21.03.02 - Land and Inventories. Programme: «Municipal Cadastre».
  • 13.03.01 - Heat Power and Heat Engineering. Programme: «Heat and Gas Supply and Microclimate of Buildings».
  • 08.05.01 - Construction of Unique Buildings. Programme: «Construction of High-Rise and Long-Span Structures».


  • 08.04.01 – Construction.
  • 13.04.01 – Heat Power and Heat Engineering.

Programmes: «Computer Technologies for Buildings and Structures Design». «Calculation theory and CAD for Buildings and Structures», «Theory and Practice of Organizational and Technological Tasks and Economic Tasks», «Technology of Building Materials, Products and Structures», «Water Suply and Sanitation», «Theory and Practice of Design for Support Systems Providing Building Climate».


Research Areas

  • Structural mechanics (statistical and dynamic calculations in building structure and buildings renewal).
  • Construction materials (construction materials, alternate adhesives, utilization of industrial enterprises secondary products, heat resisting heat-insulating materials, phosphatic adhesives and heat resisting foam concrete).
  • Urban development (low-rise building in urban complexes and urban development analysis).
  • Heat and gas supply and ventilation (energy-saving algorithms and microclimate control systems in buildings, energy audit in heat and gas supply and ventilation systems, research and optimization of hydraulic control in heat transport systems).
  • Construction technology (quality management and safety assessment of infrastructure, solid constructions high technologies, building efficiency evaluation, magnesian concretes, fiber reinforced concrete).
  • Water supply and sewerage (sorption processes, purification technology, water supply and treatment systems development for swimming pools and water parks, nonorganic sorbtion material development, groundwater survey of water intake systems).

Contact Us

Dean's Office:

Address: 454080, Chelyabinsk, Lenin ave., 76, Room 612
Tel: +7 (351) 267-91-71
E-mail: ac-dek[at]susu[dot]ru

Principal Researchers:

Dr. Aleksandr Potapov
e-mail: potapovan[at][dot]ru

Dr. Boris Trofimov
e-mail: tbya[at][dot]ru

PhD in Eng. Aleksandr Kostin
e-mail: kostinam[at][dot]ru

Dr. Vladimir Panferov
e-mail: tgsiv[at][dot]ru

PhD in Eng. Grigory Pikus
e-mail: tsp[at][dot]ru

PhD in Eng. Dmitry Ulrikh
e-mail: ulrikhdv[at][dot]ru

Doctor of Eng. Sergey Denisov
e-mail: denisovse[at][dot]ru

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