Supercomputing at SUSU

The University’s supercomputers are ranked among the most powerful in the world.

The supercomputer is located in the center of the University's scientific life, allowing for the execution of the most difficult computations for calculations in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, and information technology. Thanks to this supercomputer, scientific and educational problems are being solved, and commercial calculations for university partners  are being executed. The current share of the scientific research budget connected to revenue from the supercomputuer is 16%.

In the area of supercomputing, the main area of breakthroughs is the intellectual analysis of data necessary for the complex analysis of very large masses of data. Research results in this area are necessary for solving scientific and industrial problems which require particularly difficult computations.

 SUSU is developing information technology in the following key areas:

  • System for guiding the educational process: Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Universial instrument for knowledge access: personal virtual computer (PVC)
  • System for internal communications: Intranet
  • Open access to supercomputers



There is a unique system for personal virtual computers (PVC) within the high-power computational cluster at SUSU. With the help of this system it will be possible for all students and employees to access the cloud of data, including specialized licensed software, university educational services, and distance access to scientific laboratories for the execution of experiments.

Within SUSU there is an Intranet system, “Universe”, which allows for direct communication between university administration and employees. “Universe” allows for profile tracking and the tracking of scientometric research data from research workers so they can moniter their KPI (key performance indicator) progress. There is an established management system for large scientific and technical projects. Beyond this, the admissions committee, by way of the Intranet system, can accept documents online, track the ratings of student applicants, and send them information by SMS.

Supercomputer Simulation Laboratory

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