Makarovskikh Tatiana


South Ural State University

English proficiency

Good (I write articles, make presentations, conduct a scientific discussion in English)

Code and name of the group of scientific specialties for which the postgraduate student will be accepted

2.3. Information technology and communications

List of research projects of a potential supervisor (participation / leadership)

Intelligent aerial photo monitoring of agricultural, forest and water lands 


Distribution of a set of works by performers


List of possible research topics

Development and training of scalable neural network models for object detection

Quasilinear Data Analysis Model for Field Yield Prediction

set of programs for aerial monitoring of agricultural land

Development of the theory and tools for building an online service for the rapid search for performers of a set of works



Research Supervisor:

Tatiana A. Makarovskikh,

Doctor of Science (South Ural State University)

Title (direction of the international map of science corresponding to the field of study)

Convolutional neural networks, Optimization problems

Supervisor 's research interests (more detailed description of scientific interests):

Graph theory, time series analysis methods, artificial intelligence methods

Research highlights (if available):

It is necessary to indicate the distinctive features of this program, which would distinguish it from the rest. (Use of unique equipment, interaction with foreign scientists and research centers, financial support for a graduate student, etc.)

I am currently in charge of a project to develop neural networks model , methods, algorithms and software tools for vectorizing raster images for precision farming: monitoring the state of agricultural, forest and water lands according to remote sensing data. It is supposed to obtain neural networks that will surpass known analogues in terms of generally accepted metrics. During the implementation of the project, it is planned to develop a software package (web interface) that allows analyzing an agricultural object using an existing image.



Supervisor 's specific requirements :

The section is filled in if there are requirements for a graduate student (mandatory background of the candidate / disciplines that he must have mastered / methods that he must own / be able to use some specific software, etc.)

  1. Programming languages and methods
  2. Statistical Methods
  3. Neural networks

Supervisor's main publications (indicate the total number of publications in journals indexed by the Web of Science , Scopus , RSCI for the last 5 years, write up to 5 most significant publications with imprint ) : Общее количество публикаций за последние 5 лет в Web of Science, Scopus – 23 статьи:

  1. Makarovskikh , TA Special Type Routing Problems in Plane Graphs / TA Makarovskikh , AV Panyukov //Mathematics.–2022.–Vol. 10 no. 5
  2. Makarovskikh , T. The estimation of the number of OE-chains and realizable OE-routes for cutting plans with combined contours / T.. Makarovskikh , E.. Savitskiy //Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research.–2020.–Vol. 30 no. 4.– P.483-498 
  3. Makarovskikh , T. Software for the Problem of Constructing Cutting Tool Paths in CAD/CAM Systems for Technological Preparation of Cutting Processes / T.. Makarovskikh , A.. Panyukov //Automation and Remote Control.– 2021.–Vol. 82 no. 3.– P.468-480
  4. Makarovskikh , TA Mathematical models and routing algorithms for economical cutting tool paths / TA Makarovskikh , AV Paniukov , EA Savitskii //International Journal of Production Research.–2017.–Vol. article in press .– P.1-18


Results of intellectual activity ( with stock )

(The most significant results of intellectual activity)

Certificates of registration of computer programs:

  1. epidemic.ta library for predicting cases of Covid-19 infection
  2. Complex of ecological monitoring and forecasting " Ecomonitor "
  3. Construction of a non-intersecting OE_chain in a plane Euler graph
  4. A program for constructing an A-chain with ordered spanning in a planar 4-regular graph
  5. Program for constructing optimal coverings with ordered covering for multiply connected graphs
  6. Program for constructing an Euler chain with forbidden transitions in a graph
  7. Forecasting system for univariate time series



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