Konstantin Gavrilov



Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "South Ural State University (National Research University)"

English proficiency


The program of study for which the graduate student will be accepted

Machine science, drive systems and machine parts

The code of the direction of study for which the graduate student will be accepted


List of research projects of a potential research supervisor (participation / leadership)

Modeling of non-stationary heat and mass transfer processes in tribo-conjugations of machines and mechanisms

List of possible research topics

Influence of the topography of the friction surface on the performance of tribo-conjugations of internal combustion engines (ICE)





Research supervisor:

Konstantin Gavrilov,

Doctor of Science (South Ural State University )

Friction and lubrication processes in hydrodynamic friction units of reciprocating internal combustion engines

Supervisor’s research interests:

Calculation of fields of hydrodynamic pressure, trajectories of movement of movable elements of tribo-couplings, optimization of macro and microgeometric parameters of friction surfaces.


Supervisor’s specific requirements:

  • Mathematics, mathematical statistics, solving engineering problems, methods of mathematical modeling of technical systems, tribotechnics

    Programming skills in Fortran, Ansys, Solidworks, MathCad

Supervisor’s main publications:

  • 1. Gavrilov, K.V., Morozov, A.V., Seleznev, M.V. et al. Evaluation of Anti-Friction Properties of Solid Lubricant Coatings for a Piston Skirt of a High-Force Diesel. J. Frict. Wear 41, 480–485 (2020). https://doi.org/10.3103/S1068366620050104.

  • 2. Gavrilov, K.V. Theoretical Investigations of Journal Bearings with Micro-Dimples / N. Khozeniuk, M. Izzatulloev // Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, 2021, pp. 1131–1138. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-54814-8_130.

  • 3. Gavrilov, K.V. The Optimization of Microgeometric Parameters of Hydrodynamic Heavy Loaded Tribounits of a Forced Internal Combustion Engine / V. Hudyakov, A. Rulevskiy // Tribology in Industry. Vol. 43, No. 3 (2021) 413-419, DOI: 10.24874/ti.1091.04.21.07

  • 4. Gavrilov, K.V. A numerical model for estimation of service life of tribological systems of the piston engine [Text] / Y.A. Goritskiy, I.M. Migal, M.A. Izzatulloev // Tribology in Industry. – 2017. – Vol.39. – №3. – p. 329-333. DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.03.07

  • 5. Rozhdestvenskij, J.V. Development of Technical Solutions for Forced Diesel Main Tribosystems [Text] / J.V.Rozhdestvenskij, K.V. Gavrilov, A.A. Doykin // Procedia Engineering. – 2017. – Vol.206. – p. 651-655. DOI:10.1016/J.PROENG.2017.10.532.


Results of intellectual activity

1. Certificate of state registration of the computer program No. 2019664243. Microgeometry of the shaft-insert tribosystem of the internal combustion engine / K.V. Gavrilov, M.A. Izzatulloev. Date of state registration 10/01/2019.

2. Certificate of state registration of the computer program No. 2018663437. Microgeometry of the piston-cylinder tribosystem / K.V. Gavrilov, T.V. Sadreev, M.A. Izzatulloev. Date of state registration 10/26/2018.

3. Certificate of state registration of the computer program No. 2016616955. The program of tribological analysis of the interface "piston guide-cylinder liner" of the internal combustion engine "PISTON-CYLINDER TRIBOSYSTEM" / K.V. Gavrilov, Yu.V. Rozhdestvensky, A.A. Doykin. Date of state registration 08.24.2016.


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