Elena Lyaskovskaya


South Ural State University

English proficiency

upper intermediate

Code and name of the group of scientific specialties for which the postgraduate student will be accepted

5.2 Economics

List of research projects of a potential supervisor (participation / leadership)

  1. Economic sustainability in the digital economy
  2. Sustainability Management in Industry 4.0
  3. Sustainable development, inclusive development, green economy
  4. Diagnostics of digital inclusion of subjects
  5. Sharing economy and sustainable development
  6. Smart city: diagnostics and control system

List of possible research topics

  1. Management of sustainable development in the context of industry 4.0. and digital economy
  2. Digital sustainability, digital divide, digital inclusion
  3. Sharing economy
  4. Circular (circular economy)
  5. Business digitalization


Research Supervisor:

Elena A. Lyaskovskaya,

Doctor of Science (SUSU- South Ural State University

Title (direction of the international map of science corresponding to the field of study)

Supervisor 's research interests (more detailed description of scientific interests):

Sustainability, circular economy, digitalization, sustainable development, inclusive growth


Research highlights

We have been conducted a study dedicated to the sustainable development issue for more than 20 years by using special methods and tools for processing information.



Supervisor 's specific requirements:

The section is filled in if there are requirements for a graduate student (mandatory background of the candidate / disciplines that he must have mastered / methods that he must own / be able to use some specific software, etc.)

  1. fundamentals of economics and management
  2. fundamentals of economic analysis and statistics
  3. logical, systemic, structural thinking

Supervisor's main publications (indicate the total number of publications in journals indexed by the Web of Science , Scopus , RSCI for the last 5 years, write up to 5 most significant publications with imprint ) : 

1. Improving the Sustainability of Regional Development in the Context of Waste Management/ Khudyakova Т.А., Lyaskovskaya E.A., Sustainability (Switzerland), 2021, 13(4), стр. 1–21, 1755/ DOI 10.3390/SU13041755 // https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/13/4/1755/Impact Factor: 2.798 

2. Sharing economy: for or against sustainable development/ Lyaskovskaya E.A., Khudyakova Т.А., Sustainability (Switzerland), 2021, 13 (19), DOI 10.3390/su131911056 //https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/13/19/11056 Impact Factor: 2.798

3. Forecasting Tariffs For The Day-Ahead Market Based On The Additive Model/ Lyaskovskaya E.A., Zarjitskaya-Thierling P.K., Dmitrina O.A.// Bulletin of the South Ural State University. Series: Mathematical Modelling, Programming and Computer Software. 2020. Т. 13. № 3. С. 73-79./ DOI  10.14529/mmp200307 // https://www.elibrary.ru/item.asp?id=43838958/ Impact Factor: 0.876

4. Strategic planning of resilience organizational structures in construction / Lyaskovskaya E.A, Т.A.Shindina // Espacios 2018.–Vol. 39 (04)/ https://www.revistaespacios.com/a18v39n04/a18v39n04p39.pdf/ Impact Factor: 0.378

5. Improving the rating of Russian smart cities: following world standards//E.A. Lyaskovskaya, T.A. Khudyakova, A.V. Schmidt / Economics of the region. 2022. №4.


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