Projects for Postdocs

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In 2019, the following Project'ss have been approved by the University Council:

Computer Science


Fog computing platform for Internet of Things
Project's supervisor: Gleb Radchenko
Director of the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Development of universal system for collecting and analyzing data with using search engines for arbitrary queries
Project’s supervisor: Konstantin Kostromitin
Associate Professor at the Department of Information Security

Development, Research and Implementation of Data Processing Algorithms
Project's supervisor:
 Natalia Iaparova
Head of the Department of Computational Mathematics & High Performance Computing

Synthesis of control algorithms for dynamic systems under incomplete information
Project’s supervisor:
Vladimir Shiryaev
Head of the Department of Automated Control Systems

Natural Sciences


Correlation between the features of crystal structure and magnetic characteristics in single crystals and ceramic samples of M-type hexaferrites with heterovalent diamagnetic substitution
Project's supervisor:
 Denis Vinnik
Head of the Crystal Growth Laboratory

Ligand-Receptor Binding and Drug Activity
Project's head:
 Vladimir Potemkin
Head of the Drug Design Research Laboratory

Enzyme-Ligand Modelling
Project's supervisor:
 Maria Grishina
Senior research fellow at the Drug Design Research Laboratory

Development of nanosystems with a sustained release of biologically active substances
Project's supervisor:
 Irina Potoroko
Head of the Department of Food Technology and Biotechnology

New photosensitive systems based on organic and inorganic carriers intended to solve problems of energy saving
Project's supervisor:
Vyacheslav Avdin
Head of Nanotechnology Research & Education Centre

New donor building blocks in the design and synthesis of high-performance organic sensitizers for photovoltaic devices
Project's supervisor:
Oleg Rakitin
Engineering Professor of Research & Innovation Services Department

Aromatic crystalline polymers as the basis for the synthesis of new crystalline carbon materials
Project's supervisor:
Dmitry Zherebtsov
Engineer of Nanotechnology Research & Education Centre

Materials Science


Model Predictive Control in Metallurgy
Project's supervisor:
 Lev Kazarinov
Head of the Automation and Control Engineering Department

Experimental and theoretical studies of the production processes of modern technology details from high-entropy materials
Project's supervisor:
Yevgeny Trofimov
Professor of the Materials Science and Physical Chemistry of Materials Department

Spot contact welding of high-strength steels
Project’s supervisor:
Mikhail Ivanov
Dean of Faculty of Material Science and Metallurgical Technologies

Electric engineering


Developing electric energy accumulator using technology for producing methanol from carbon dioxide found in air and water
Project’s supervisor:
Sergey Gandzha
Head of the Theoretical Basics of Electrical Engineering Department


Legal Tech: legal regulation of artificial intelligence and robotics, digitalization of law and law for smart industry

Project's supervisors: Elena Titova

Director of Institute of Law



Alexei Minbaleev

D.Sc. (Law), Professor



Eco legal: legal model of environmental entrepreneurship and environmental responsibility

Project's supervisor: Valentina Kvanina

Head of the Department of Business, Competition and Environmental Law


If you wish to apply for a postdoctoral position at South Ural State University, please send your motivation letter, application form, and your CV to irc[at]susu[dot]ru.


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