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02.03.2018 SUSU Researchers Uncover the Secret of Stars Formation

09.03.2018 Nano-elevators and New Medicines: SUSU Creates a New Method of Studying Nanoparticles

13.03.2018 What new academic programs are on offer for foreign students in Russia?

20.03.2018 Water as Fuel: SUSU Scientists Working on Creating a New Generation of Catalysts

26.03.2018 Researchers developing materials for quantum computing

28.03.2018 SUSU Scientist Improves Magnets for ‘Green’ Electric Motors

03.04.2018 Smart-tech fashion: how science influences people lifestyle

05.04.2018 SUSU Researchers Creating Method for Predicting Qualities of New Materials

06.04.2018 From Artificial Lung Ventilation to Drones: SUSU Improves Electric Motor Drives

09.04.2018 Scientists of SUSU and Oxford University Patented Their Joint Inventions

11.04.2018 SUSU Master’s Student Improves Gate Valves’ Reliability for Oil Pipelines

13.04.2018 俄罗斯高校的哪些亮点可以吸引中国学生的目光?


19.04.2018 Scientists of SUSU and Oxford University: Joint Inventions

20.04.2018 Projects of Young SUSU Scientists: New Material for Environment Protection Created

20.04.2018 Unique Algorithms of Managing Enterprises Operating with the Internet of Things are Discovered

30.04.2018 Unique Algorithms of Managing Enterprises Operating with the Internet of Thing

01.05.2018 SUSU Scientists Create New Material for Environment Protection

08.05.2018 SUSU creates healthy yogurt by using ultrasound

08.05.2018 SUSU Scientists are Developing the “Elixir of Youth”

10.05.2018 Environment-friendly Magnesite Concrete Is Being Developed at SUSU

21.05.2018 Mobile Application for Diabetics Being Perfected at SUSU

22.05.2018 Let’s Protect Nature: Unique Technology of Electroplating Created at SUSU

22.05.2018 South Ural State University Students Will Receive Half a Million Rubles from Coca-Cola HBC Russia


30.05.2018 A Program to Create Perfect Photonic Crystals has been Elaborated at SUSU

05.06.2018 “智能”农业创新方案与饥饿作战

05.06.2018 “智能”农业创新方案与饥饿作战

05.06.2018 “智能”农业创新方案与饥饿作战

05.06.2018 “智能”农业创新方案与饥饿作战

05.06.2018 “智能”农业创新方案与饥饿作战

05.06.2018 “智能”农业创新方案与饥饿作战

05.06.2018 “智能”农业创新方案与饥饿作战

18.06.2018 Center of Business Development Technology Opens at SUSU

18.06.2018 Unique Virtual Laboratory for Materials Science is Created at SUSU

20.06.2018 A Unique Program for Learning Russian Language by Foreigners Created at SUSU

28.06.2018 SUSU is to Hold a Global Forum on Digital Industry

29.06.2018 俄罗斯一流高校面向中国公民的招生报名工作接近尾声

03.07.2018 SUSU’s Wind Turbines Located on the Shore of Barents Sea

04.07.2018 Wunderkind or Innovator? SUSU Researchers Have Come up with a Concept for Developing Children’s Aptitude

09.07.2018 SUSU Researchers in an International Team Determine How the Ancient Virus Hepatitis B Spread

09.07.2018 GIS Technology: 5 Years at the Forefront of Science

10.07.2018 Smart System Will Predict Any Car Breakdown

11.07.2018 SUSU Student Uses 3D Printing to Create Russian Analogue of a Voice Prosthesis

13.07.2018 Device for Rehabilitation of People with Leg Injuries is Developed at SUSU

16.07.2018 Damages from Fires will Decrease: SUSU Scientists Upgraded Fire Standpipe

17.07.2018 South Ural State University: Academic Mobility Programs in China

18.07.2018 A New Treatment Method of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Syndrome is Discovered in Russia

20.07.2018 SUSU Students Create Unique Dictionary about Florence

23.07.2018 Double Degree Programs from Leading Finnish University and SUSU

17.08.2018 A Unique Automated Draw Bench Created at SUSU

17.08.2018 Science: A Unique Automated Draw Bench Created at SUSU

21.08.2018 A Team of SUSU Scientists Elaborated a Program which Calculates the Time of Materials’ Fracture

23.09.2018 世界能源大学联盟在北京成立;国家博物馆9月25日起闭馆施工。

25.09.2018 全国第一所普希金学院在我校成立



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