38.04.05 Business Informatics. Business Analytics in Economics and Management




Major:  Business Analytics in Economics and Management

Level: Master’s degree program

Duration of training: 2 years

Degree certificate: Diploma

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: English

Tuition fee for year 2021-2022: 160000 rubles (per year)

Programme manager: Sergei Borodin, Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor

E-mail: borodinsi[at]susu[dot]ru, tel.: + 7 (351) 267-96-23

Description of the educational programme:

The program combines several areas: statistical data analysis, programming, economics and management. Economic and mathematical modeling are used to build models in order to predict the development of objects and situations. Applied programming issues include the using of the Python programming language and its applications in scientific problems and business. For the successful implementation of activities, it is necessary to have the ability to unite a team of business analysts and programmers.

The program provides for an in-depth study of the following courses:

  • Business analytics
  • Applied Business Analysis Tools
  • Designing and improving enterprise architecture
  • Planning and forecasting business processes
  • Agile IT project management



Office 225 (Main University Building), 76 Lenina Prospekt, Chelyabinsk, Russia

Tel.: + 7 351 272-34-32 



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