15.04.02 Technological Machinery and Equipment. Automated Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems and Units




Major: Automated Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems and Units

Level: Master’s degree programme

Duration of training: 2 years

Degree certificate: Diploma

Mode of study: Full time

Language of study: English

Tuition fee for year 2022-2023: 179 000 Rub

Programme manager: Evgenii Spiridonov, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Professor

Head of the Department of Fluid Mechanics and Hydro-Pneumatic systems

E-mail: spiridonovek[at]susu[dot]ru, tel.:  + 7 (351) 267-92-52

Description of the educational programme:

The science of fluid dynamicsis one of the key drivers of innovation in civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical engineering, in food industry, medicine, in the world of digital printing, wherever. And it happens to be one of the most vibrant and exciting areas of scientific research.

The course 15.04.02 Technological Machinery and Equipment. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automatic Systems and Machinery introduces students to the principal concepts and methods of fluid mechanics; general laws of equilibrium and motion of a fluid (liquid and gas), instructs how to analyze various hydro/gas dynamic phenomena and consequently to build their physical-mathematical models; and enables students to acquire basic problem-solving skills essential to good engineering practicein the field of fluid mechanics.

Topics covered in the course include pressure, hydrostatics, and buoyancy; open systems and control volume analysis; mass conservation and momentum conservation for moving fluids; viscous fluid flows, flow through pipes; dimensional analysis; boundary layers, and lift and drag on objects. Students will have every opportunity to demonstrate a familiarity and ability to work on fluid mechanics. These outcomes will be demonstrated through an assessment of homework assignments, project-based activity and tests.




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