SUSU Scientist Wins a Grant of an International Experimental Archaeology Organisation

Research fellow of the SUSU REC of Eurasian Studies and Head of Archeos Centre Ivan Semyan has won an EXARC grant for joint research. The scientist is the only archaeologist representing Russia at EXARC. EXARC, an international experimental archaeology organisation, is an association of experimental archaeologists, as well as of open-air museums and archaeological parks.

Ivan Semyan won the grant for joint research together with his colleague Spyros Bakas, an experimental archaeologist from National University of Athens.
The project aims at reconstructing the Sintashta composite bow based on the materials form burial grounds Kamennyi Ambar - 5, Stepnoe-М и Solntse – 2. Also using the authentic methods, a quiver set of arrows with stone, bronze and bone arrowheads will be manufactured.

This experiment is of great value for science since it allows to reconstruct the most important weapon of the ancient chariot-driving warriors, a weapon which significantly contributed to the development of the military art in Europe and Asia. The combination of a chariot and a powerful bow created a new elite type of conducting of a battle, the spread of which across the whole continent is a crucial example of early globalisation.

The announced experiment will facilitate better understanding of the economy and social organisation of the Bronze Age societies. This project comes as a result of successful collaboration with foreign partners, and is an important stage in the long-term cooperation, which will help in the integration of SUSU into the world community of experimental archaeology.

The course of the experiment and its results will be published on the EXARC resources.

Information about the grant is posted on the EXARC web-site.

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