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Characterization of Orange Peel Extract and Its Potential Protective Effect against Aluminum Chloride-Induced Alzheimer’s Disease / N.. Abd El-Aziz //Pharmaceuticals.–2023.–Vol. 16 No. 1
Chemical Profiling and Nutritional Evaluation of Bee Pollen, Bee Bread, and Royal Jelly and Their Role in Functional Fermented Dairy Products / A.. Darwish //Molecules.–2023.–Vol. 28 No. 1
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Effect of Natural Antioxidants from Fruit Leaves on the Oxidative Stability of Soybean Oil during Accelerated Storage / H.. Mansour //Antioxidants.–2022.–Vol. 11 No. 9
Lacticaseibacillus paracasei KC39 Immobilized on Prebiotic Wheat Bran to Manufacture Functional Soft White Cheese / M.G. Shehata //Fermentation.–2022.–Vol. 8 No. 10
Nutritional Evaluation of Sea Buckthorn “Hippophae rhamnoides” Berries and the Pharmaceutical Potential of the Fermented Juice / El-Sohaimy, S.A //Fermentation.–2022.–Vol. 8 No. 8
Nutritional Quality, Chemical, and Functional Characteristics of Hemp (Cannabis sativa ssp. sativa) Protein Isolate / El-Sohaimy, S. //Plants.–2022.–Vol. 11 No. 21
Optimization, Partial Purification, and Characterization of Bioactive Peptides of Lactobacillus paracasei Isolated from Traditional Egyptian Cheese / M.G. Shehata //Journal of Food Quality and Hazards Control.–2022.–Vol. 9 No. 4.– P.199-214
Physicochemical, Organoleptic Evaluation and Shelf Life Extension of Quinoa Flour-Coated Chicken Nuggets / El-Sohaimy, S. //Journal of Food Quality.–2022.–Vol. 2022
Rushchitc, A.A Physicochemical and rheological characterization of dumpling's dough fortified with Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) powder / A.A. Rushchitc, E.I. Shcherbakova, S.. El-Sohaimy //Annals of Agricultural Sciences.–2022.–Vol. 67 No. 2.– P.166-172
Аль-Сухайми, С.А. исследование качественных показателей хлебобулочных изделий функциональной направленности с добавлением продуктов переработки растительного сырья / С.А. Аль-Сухайми, А.Д. Тошев, Н.В. Андросова //Вестник КрасГАУ.–2022 № 8 (185).– C.180-186
Antioxidant and anti-acetylcholinesterase potential of artichoke phenolic compounds / N.. Abd El-Aziz //Food Bioscience.–2021.–Vol. 41
Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities and UPLC-ESI-MS/MS polyphenolic profile of sweet orange peel extracts / M.. Shehata //Current Research in Food Science.–2021.–Vol. 4 No. 2021.– P.326-335
Chickpea Protein Isolation, Characterization and Application in Muffin Enrichment / El-Sohaimy, S.A //International Journal of Food Studies.–2021.–Vol. 10.– P.157-171
Development and characterization of functional pan bread supplemented with quinoa flour / El-Sohaimy, S.A //Journal of Food Processing and Preservation.–2021.–Vol. 45 No. 2
Effect of functional beetroot pomace biscuit on phenylhydrazine induced anemia in albino rats: Hematological and blood biochemical analysis / E.. Abdo //Journal of Functional Foods.–2021.–Vol. 78
Inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase by Natural Bioactive Compounds: Molecular Docking Analysis / N.M. Abd El-Aziz //Egyptian Journal of Chemistry.–2021.–Vol. 64 No. 4.– P.1989-2001
Nutritional, phytochemical, and in vitro anticancer potential of sugar apple (Annona squamosa) fruits / M.. Shehata //Scientific Reports.–2021.–Vol. 11 No. 1
Optimization conditions of ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from orange peels using response surface methodology / M.G. Shehata //Journal of Food Processing and Preservation.–2021.–Vol. 45 No. 10
Polyphenols as promising biologically active substances for preventing SARS-CoV-2: A review with research evidence and underlying mechanisms / T.. Mehany //Food Bioscience.–2021.–Vol. 40
Аль-Сухайми, С.А. Occurrence of Aflatoxigenic Fungi in Meat, Poultry Meat and Some of Their Products and Organs and Their Control by Some Plant Extracts in Vitro / С.А. Аль-Сухайми //.–2021.–Том 58 № 1.– C.40-53
Chemical analysis, antioxidant, cytotoxic and antimicrobial properties of propolis from different geographic regions / M.G. Shehata //Annals of Agricultural Sciences.–2020.–Vol. 65 No. 2.– P.209-2017
Evaluation the efficacy of clove, sage and kiwifruit peels extracts as natural preservatives for fish fingers / A.. Wahab //Annals of Agricultural Sciences.–2020.–Vol. 65 No. 1.– P.98-106
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Shehata,, M.G. Physicochemical, structural and functional properties of water-soluble polysaccharides extracted from Egyptian agricultural by-products / M.G. Shehata,, A.G. Darwish, S.A. El-Sohaimy //Annals of Agricultural Sciences.–2020.–Vol. 65 No. 1.– P.21-27
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