Безмельницын Александр Викторович

Кандидат технических наук
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Scopus 2
Russian scientific profiles: 
РИНЦ: SPIN-код 1740-6619,
Scopus ID: 57194714052
Web of Science ResearcherID: K-3137-2015
Articles and monographs: 
Prediction of GFRP Self-Heating Kinetics Under Cyclic Bending / Ignatova, A. //Mechanics of Composite Materials.–2023.–Vol. 58 No. 6.– P.787-802
Determination of Interlaminar Shear Properties of Fibre-Reinforced Composites under Biaxial Loading: A New Experimental Approach / Guseinov, K. //Polymers.–2022.–Vol. 14 No. 13
Characterization of Damages and the Residual Flexural Strength of Layered Composites After Low-Velocity Impacts Using Indicator Coatings / Kudryavtsev, O. //Mechanics of Composite Materials.–2021.–Vol. 57 No. 5.– P.587-596
Statistical modeling and optimization of the resistance welding process with simultaneous expulsion magnitude consideration for high-strength low alloy steel / Zhao, D. //International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.–2021.–Vol. 113 No. 3-4.– P.1173-1189
Thin Indicator Films to Assess the Residual Strength of a GFRP after a Local Contact Action / Buslaeva, O. //Mechanics of Composite Materials.–2021.–Vol. 57 No. 1.– P.47-56
Прогнозирование саморазогрева стеклопластика при изгибе / С.Б. Сапожников //АЭРОКОСМИЧЕСКАЯ ТЕХНИКА, ВЫСОКИЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ И ИННОВАЦИИ.–2020.–Том 1.– C.189-192
Sapozhnikov, S.B Design of Pseudoductile Unidirectional Hybrid Composites Based on the Model of a Dry Bundle / S.B. Sapozhnikov, A.V. Kheruvimov, A.V. Bezmelnitsyn //Mechanics of Composite Materials.–2019.–Vol. 55 No. 2.– P.231-240
Bezmelnitcyn, A.V Multiscale modeling and formation analysis of technological interlaminar stresses in thick-Walled GFRP rings / A.V. Bezmelnitcyn, S.B. Sapozhnikov //PNRPU Mechanics Bulletin.–2017.–Vol. 2 No. -.– P.5-22
Участие во всероссийских и региональных научных конференциях: 
Участие в международных научных конференциях: 
II Международная конференция «Композитные материалы и конструкции» (2021)
11th EASN Virtual Conference on “Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens” (2021)
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